This young artist’s open mind and unique vision gives her a special edge that sets her apart. Jenna’s writing comes from a true place of the heart about real life experiences; inspiring her to write and create music that makes you move, think, feel and left wanting more.

With a natural love for music at a young age, Jenna began playing guitar, which set the pace, allowing her to explore her passion through writing songs. Starting out performing to her YouTube fans, Jenna’s love for performing began to grow bringing her to the stage where her talent shined to live audiences. Jenna’s drive towards writing and performing was now in action! After many live shows, festivals and winning multiple competitions, it was time to get in the studio and this was a natural love and adrenaline for Jenna bringing her music to life on all listening platforms.

In 2018 Jenna released her debut single ‘Priceless’ along with her debut music video! In her emotional delivery, Jenna explores the feeling of not knowing a good thing until it’s gone, allowing us to feel a sense of loss with the hopefulness of recovery.

Most recently in 2019, Jenna released her follow up single ‘Live In The Moment’ produced by Adrian Hogan (Alonzo, Sean Leon). Recorded in Toronto, this single explores the butterfly stages of a relationship; taking it slow and living in the moment before it fades away. This upbeat, fun and honest record is just another example of what Jenna has to offer as an artist!